Karen Pegueros’ experiences get her to NYU

Excited to begin her freshman year at college in the fall, Karen Pegueros boldy stands besides the towering letters of NYU. Photo courtesy of Karen Pegueros.


By Kaden Reichel

Experiences can help guide a path for the future, and Karen Pegueros’ experiences have done just that. The places she has traveled, the friends she has made, and her involvement in multiple activities have all come together to bring this senior to her place at NYU this fall.

The Roar: What is your family’s heritage and how does it affect who you are as a person?

Karen Pegueros: I come from a Hispanic family. Both my parents are fully Mexican, and they were born and raised there, then they moved out here. I grew up with different traditions, morals and values than some of my other friends had, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes there was a cultural boundary. My parents main language is Spanish, and my first language would be “Spanglish” because my parents taught me Spanish while my sister taught me the English she learned at school. I feel like being bilingual has really helped me learn other languages with ease and has set me up to be a global person. My love for traveling is derived from that.

T.R.: What is your favorite travel destination, and how was your experience there?

K.P.: I always rave about my trip to Japan; I feel like that is all I talk about just because it was so impactful. I feel like I matured a lot those few weeks I was out there all alone with my friend, and I also learned a lot culturally. I found a love I never knew I had.

T.R.: How would you sum up your high school experience?

K.P.: It has been a learning experience. I definitely went through some struggles, especially my senior year, but I felt like I have learned a lot and came out as a stronger person ready for the adult world.

T.R.: Why did you decide to go to Coronado rather than other schools in CCSD?

K.P.: I decided to stay closer to home because I wanted to be near my family and friends. There were other magnet programs in the district but they were too far and I know I definitely made the right choice with coming to Coronado. I’ve definitely had a better experience, especially with my teachers.

T.R.: What extracurricular activities, like clubs and sports, do you believe helped to broaden your horizons?

K.P: I was part of JET (junior executive team) at MGM resorts for two years, first as a student and second as a mentor. I definitely learned life skills that they don’t teach you at school or aren’t really talked about. I was also part of the AP Executive Council, where we had to come up with events which I definitely think helped me mature as a leader and a become a stronger critical thinker.  Additionally, I was a part of ‘The Roar’ staff for all four of my high school years. I was the opinion/entertainment editor for my sophomore year and co-editor-in-chief my junior and senior years. The class taught me how to handle stressful situations and improve my grammar skills. I made a lot of close friends that I’m so happy to have in my life.

T.R.: Reminiscing your experience here, given the chance, what would you do differently?

K.P.:I would not spend so much time stressing about my future and where I was going to end up after my senior year. A good teacher of mine told me I would end up where I am meant to be, and it was true. I would recommend to rising seniors to keep that in mind.

T.R.: Who is your biggest inspiration?

K.P.: I would definitely have to give major props to my fashion icon and overall role model, Mrs. Barton. She helped me further my writing and speaking skills, and taught me all about how to dress to impress. She also inspires me to be kind and to help people every day. I strive to be as classy and elegant as her one day.

T.R.: What are your plans for the future?

K.P: I am going to New York University (NYU) stern school of business on a full tuition merit scholarship. I plan on studying abroad and furthering my passion for social justice.

T.R.: How do you want your time here at Coronado to be remembered?

K.P.: I hope I made positive change and a good impact on the school by helping some programs grow and thrive such as Polynesian Dance Club and the AP Academy.