Signing party set to seal the year


By Bryce Becker

Book and breakfast/ Junior Levy Montes purchases a yearbook signing party ticket from junior Angela Popescu. The party is on Tuesday, May 7 and tickets are on sale for $2 before or $3 at the door. Photo by Bryce Becker

This year’s annual yearbook signing party will be held in the cafeteria on Tuesday, May 7. Tickets are on sale for $2 before the party from any yearbook student or can be purchased in room 213 during lunch or before and after school. Tickets are $3 at the door, and yearbooks can be bought for $100 the day of the party. Seniors can only pay in cash, and there are a limited amount of books left. Students must have either already purchased a book or be planning to buy one at the party to be able to attend. Students should bring their yearbook receipt and ID.

“It’s special to own a copy of the yearbook because it’s a student publication that has been worked on heavily,” editor in chief Elizabeth Berry said. “It’s also cool to be able to look back at it in a few years and remember when each event happened.”

A light breakfast will be offered with foods from vendors: IHOP, Denny’s, Great Harvest, Pink Box Doughnuts, and more. Students who buy a ticket are automatically entered into a raffle and have the chance to win gift cards to stores such as Target, Starbucks, Rolled Ice Cream, REI and more.

The party is split between upper and lower classmen. Juniors and seniors attend the party during first period while freshmen and sophomores go during second. Students should hold on to their ticket as it is their pass to class. The party will allow students to chat with friends while they look through the book and recall the events of the year.

“I’ve gotten a yearbook each year and each time I always look forward to it because it’s a chance to look back and reminisce at all the memories from the year,” Maddie Baker, senior, said. “It’s fun to see how everybody changed, especially since now I can look back on the memories from freshman year all the way up to senior year.”

The Prowl staff have worked on this year’s book, “Beyond the Blue” throughout the year and put in extra time outside of school. Adviser Mrs. Thompson has helped and worked alongside yearbook students to create and publish the yearbook.

“This year being my last, the signing party means much more,” Mrs. Thompson said. “It’s the culmination of doing 13 years of yearbook and seeing the kids reactions when they look at the book for the first time at the signing party. Knowing that this is my last year to witness that first-hand makes it all the richer.”

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Co-Editor-In-Chief and sports editor Bryce Becker is a junior. He has been on “The Roar” staff for three years. His favorite subject is science because it’s fun to do labs and learn how things work. Bryce enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing sports, as well as writing sports stories for the website. His favorite movies include all of the Marvel and Star Wars films. He is excited to write for the website this year and hopes to pursue journalism in the future.