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Attack the ball/ Fighting for possession on the ball, two CHS cougars go head on with two spring valley players. The cougs worked hard and remained superior throughout the game. (Photo by Taina Queiroz Fonseca)

Men’s Soccer Sports Brief

by Tainá Queiroz Fonseca 

On Monday, October 17th, the Coronado men’s varsity soccer took on the Spring Valley Grizzles in a home conference game. Due to their extensive teamwork, the Cougars went home confidently with a 9-0 win. 

Some players were happy for their easy win and others were disappointed in themselves, saying that they could have scored more.

“My teammates played amazing, senior Demonte Gordon (#17) said. “We scored good goals, for myself, I could’ve put in about three.”

Within the beginning of the first half, Coronado was offsides, but the team was not discouraged in the slightest as senior Jordan Nathan (#12) sprinted and struck the first cougar goal of the match. Spring Valley Grizzlies attempted to score multiple times during the first half but Cougs defense was able to hold them back on every attempt. Jaxson Findlay (#9) had a clear shot of the goal and after receiving a pass, he took the opportunity to score. This gave the cougars a 2-0 lead. Not long after, senior Demonte Gordon (#17) attempted to score but the Grizzlies Goalie showcased an amazing overhead save. The Spring Valley grizzlies were left discouraged as junior Gavin Pierce (#13) gave Coronado its third goal on the board. After a few relaxed minutes passed, Senior Jaxson Findlay (#9) attempted to score but a big touch from Findlay prevented that. Many other attempts were made in the first half but after stealing the ball from the other team, Dalton Rideout (#14) scores Coronado’s 4th goal.

“During the game I believe I played pretty well. As a team, I think we played better because the energy was there and we didn’t stop the press to score goals until the game ended. Overall, I played good and the team played pretty good too,” sophomore Connor Morgenthal (#23) said.

A free kick by Coronado was a great shot but barely saved by Spring Valley’s goalie. Senior Dean Katris (#8) was the one to score Coronado’s next goal, making the score 5-0. Only 10 minutes remained in the first half and Connor Morgenthal (#23) wasn’t about to waste it. Coming in hot, Morgenthal (#23) made a run across the defensive line and shot an incredible goal. Soon after, Morgenthal hit the ball in a free kick and Spring Valley’s keeper let the ball go under his arms, making it the 7th goal for Coronado. At the end of the day, their win was largely because of the team’s skillful collaboration.

“It’s about us being a team,” senior Demonte Gordon (#17) said. “I’m glad we got the points.” 

The second half started out with the Cougs rested and energized as they continued leading the game 7-0. Spring Valley Grizzlies were left tired and overwhelmed from the previous Cougar attacks. With an excellent finish, Francisco Avila (#7) bumps the lead up to 9 goals for the cougars. The rest of the game remained rather tamely and ended in a final score of 9-0 with 9 total assists, making this the 16th game won for the Coronado men’s varsity soccer team this season. 

Make sure to catch the Cougars next showdown on Wednesday, October 19th, at 4:30 pm against Rancho. 

Varsity Women’s Soccer

by Addison Stanton

On Wednesday, October 19th, the Coronado Cougars’ soccer team got ready to attack in a game against the Shadow Ridge Mustangs. After a tough and brutal battle, the Cougars took the win 2-1.

“The first half was definitely a battle,” freshman Cate Gusick said. “We held strong and for the most part, got the job done.”

The first half began with lots of combination plays in the Cougars’ back line. Freshman Cate Gusick (centerback) was at the heart of all of these back line passes. Eventually, they played up to the offensive line with multiple opportunities. One of the plays turned into a goal that was swiftly and orderly finished by senior Trinity Buchanan. Later on, senior Milan Cordone finished a chance but was called offside by the officials. Just before the game’s halftime, Shadow Ridge finished a chance from a corner kick served by senior Paige McBride.

The second half commenced and Coronado’s backline was put up to the test. With a huge amount of pressure from the Mustangs’ offense, the Cougars were able to hold them off. The momentum shifted and the Cougars began to hound the Mustangs’ back line. Cordone again got through the back line but tripped up a defender on her back leading to the officials calling a foul. However, towards the end of the game, a break away from Buchanan was ended by a trip in the box leading to a PK. Buchanan took the kick and brought the Cougars up 2-1.

“I am glad we eventually got the job done. It was definitely a tougher battle in moments, but we found the strength to finish them off,” said Gusick.

You can find the Cougars battling to keep their win streak alive on October 20th at 4:30 pm at Cougar Stadium.

Women’s Varsity Volleyball

by Ienka Santos

The Coronado Women’s Varsity Volleyball team faced off Foothill High School in a home game on October 18th at 6 pm, where Coronado won with a score of 3-0.

“The teamwork was definitely there,” junior Daniella Planeta said. “We might’ve had some goofy plays but in the end, it all worked out.”

The game started off quite strong with Coronado taking the win with a score of 25-18. The second set however was quite a challenge, with Coronado ending the set with a score of 25-20. Finally, after a long match, Coronado breezed through the final set with a score of 25-13.

“We definitely would want to improve on some things,” Planeta said. “Our miscommunication, serving, and playing our game the way we normally do and not lowering the bar at all.”

The game was quite tough, but the girls tried their hardest to take win.

Make sure to catch the Coronado Women’s Varsity Volleyball team in their next game against Green Valley High School at home court on October 20th, 6 pm.

Varsity Cross Country

by Addison Stanton

On Wednesday, October 19th the Cougars Cross Country team trotted around Sonata park (in Seven Hills) at another 3 mile home meet. The girls ended up earning first place and a perfect 15 point score and the boys taking first place with 23 points.

“We all ran well and accomplished a perfect score,” senior Sloane Vuckovic said. “I glad that we all made good times.”

For the girls, Coronado held all top 9 spots with sophomore Vera Lee in 1st place with a time of 19:52. She was followed by senior Athena McKinney and freshman Brooke-Lynn Miller. Running the hills really did not show a dent in their times which allowed them to secure a perfect score and win the race. For the boys, the top 3 spots were held by Coronado runners. Junior William Higgins took first with a time of 16:39 followed by senior Jackson Graham, and Kaden Vermillion. The boys ended the meet with 23 points and first place overall.

You can find the Cross Country team competing in regionals at Veterans Park in Boulder City, on Friday, October 28th.