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Conquered the hill// The four girls who ran in the state meet pose for a picture after a challenging course that consisted of steep hills & jagged paths. Amy Lund (left), Anna Brown (second left), Brooklyn Miller (second right), Vera Lee (right). After great places and even greater times they have lots to be proud of this season.

Men’s Varsity Soccer

 by Brianna Gracia

Coronado’s Varsity Soccer team had the honor of competing in the Regional Finals, where they went up against Palo Verde on November 4th. It was a close home game that would determine whether they were the regional champions or runner ups. Though Coronado played fiercely, Palo Verde did take the win with a final score of 4-3.

After the first half, the team was feeling rather defeated, but they refused to call it quits there. Moving into the second half, the team scored another goal ten seconds in. That goal was the battle cry that riled them into playing their hardest for the rest of the game. Even so, they were just under what they needed to claim the game as their own, but their hard work should not be discredited.

“We wanted to win the game so badly,” said sophomore Logan Pierce. “Especially in that second half, we were so riled up.” 

Though the team lost, there were plenty of highlights that proved Coronado is not to be messed with. Sophomore Grayson Elisaldez scored a goal in the first half of the game – a goal that kept the team afloat and brought the team close to victory – but not quite. 

This loss has not disheartened them. In fact, they are more determined than ever to bring their A-Game to the championship. 

“Our chemistry and ability to move the ball fast will help us the most,” said sophomore Logan Pierce. “Hopefully, we can secure the state championship.” 

One loss won’t stop Coronado’s varsity soccer team from keeping their head in the game. They’re moving on to the State Championship as the runner up for Southern Nevada. They will play against the Sparks Railroaders on Friday, November 10th at 2pm. 

Varsity Football 

by Brianna Gracia

Coronado’s Varsity Football team took on Bishop Gorman in the NIAA Football Playoffs November 3 at 6pm. It was a tense away game and both teams played hard, but in the end, Bishop Gorman did take away the win with a final score of 63-12. 

Bishop Gorman made for intense opponents – in fact, they are ranked first in the nation. From the beginning, it was clear this would be a difficult game. Despite the heavy loss, the boys never backed down from beginning to end. 

“The game was a lot of fun,” said junior Derek Hurley (running back and linebacker). “No one in our team ever gave up. It was sad, though, considering it was the last time we would play with our seniors.” 

Though Coronado lost, there is plenty to be proud of. Coronado’s Varsity Football team had to jump several hurdles to get to the playoffs. Earlier in the season, the team went up against Desert Pines, and were beaten 48-7. Later, they faced off against the same team and won 35-12. Clearly, there is no stopping Coronado. 

“It felt great to make the playoffs and get as far as we did because everyone had counted us out,” said Hurley. “It felt good to prove a lot of people wrong.” 

Overall, it was a night to be remembered. Bishop Gorman is notorious for their skill, so for Coronado to go up against them so fiercely is nothing short of an honorable game. Even so, the final game has left members of the team bittersweet. 

“As a group, we’ve grown tremendously since early August,” said Hurley. We’ve really bonded and become brothers these past few months. We’ve handled adversity and stuck by each other.” 

To the seniors, Coronado wishes them the best as they’ve finished out their final season. Their hard work and dedication is admirable. Those they are leaving behind, juniors and sophomores, treasure their bond immensely. 

“The seniors have been great friends of mine ever since I was a freshman,” said Hurley. “I’ve been friends with most of them ever since I was a freshman on and off the field. They are great people. They’ve always pushed me to get better everyday, and it will be sad to see them leave.” 

Coronado’s Women’s Volleyball Team Passes Through The Playoffs

by Sienna Nicholson

Kicking off this year’s volleyball playoffs, Coronado’s women’s volleyball team successfully beat Foothill in a home game at 6:00 P.M. on Tuesday, October 31st. Though it was tight, Coronado was able to secure their win with set scores of 25-11, 25-21, 23-25, and 27-25.

Spirits were high going into the game as they kept their score advantage throughout rallies. While the first set was an easy win, things got tighter in the second set, leading to a very narrow win from Foothill in the third match.

“I think we need to focus a lot on what we call our serve-pass game,” senior Abigail Paulson said. “Creating that base makes it easier for our offense and defense to play off of.”

Despite the loss, Coronado stayed strong as they won the final set. Several members kept a strong defense, such as sophomore Rachel Purser, who played front middle and managed to not only block, but score plenty of points.

“I think overall we played pretty well,” sophomore Hannah Wayment said. “It was exciting to win and I’m excited to have moved on and get to play in the semi-finals.”

While it’s not new for Coronado’s team to take it all the way to state, it’s still thrilling for the team to move forward after such a tense game, especially for the seniors.

“I’m excited because I think we have a good chance of winning state again like last year,” Paulson explains. “Even just making it to state is one of the really big accomplishments.”

Overall, the team is happy with their victory, but there’s no time to relax as their next game in the playoffs is already happening at 6:00 P.M. on Thursday, November 2nd at home. The team is ready to play hard and hopefully make it all the way to state once again.

Varsity Girls Cross Country takes on state

by Hridi Bhakta

On Saturday, November 3rd, the Coronado Cross Country team competed in the State meet in Reno, Nevada. Brooklyn Miller (10), Amy Lund (10), Vera Lee (11), and Anna Brown (12) were the four individuals that qualified to run for state. 

With high altitude, and low weather conditions, the state meet was definitely going to be challenging for the runners. 

“The Northern girls really had an advantage with the altitude training they have in Reno,”junior  Vera Lee said. “By doubling Southern runners’ normal elevation for the State meet, we had to exert a lot more energy to run and our heart rates were unusually high.”

Finishing first out of the individual Coronado runners was sophomore Brooklyn Miller. Miller placed 13th out of 82 girls who were racing, with a time of 20:48. Her average pace was 6:43. Coronado’s second individual was Vera Lee who came in with a time of 21:04, and placed 18th. Followed by junior Amy Lund who had a time of 22:07, and the last individual runner for Coronado, Anna Brown. Brown crossed the finish line with a time of 22:28. 

With great places and even better times, our girls cross country team has lots to be proud of. Especially runner Brooklyn Miller, who accomplished a lot this season. 

“Being the third-fastest girl from Southern Nevada, and making second team All-state are all things I’m proud of that I’ve done this season,” sophomore Brooklyn Miller said. “I’m super excited for next season. I’ve learned valuable lessons this season, and I plan to train hard in the offseason to come back even stronger.” 

Congratulations to the Varsity girls Cross country team on a successful season. 

Mens Varsity Soccer

by AJ Anderson

On Wednesday, November 1st, Coronado’s Mens Variety Soccer Team faced off against Bishop Gorman. Gorman holds the title of last year’s state winners, but the Cougars worked hard to reach the score of 4-1, winning the game. Players moved fast, committed to reclaiming their win streak from the last four tied games. 

“The game was a must-win situation, so from keepers to backline to strikers, we had composure,” said sophomore Logan Pierce. The team stayed strong throughout the game, earning 3 points in the first half and continuing to play strong.

Coronado’s Cougars will go on to play at Coronado High School on Saturday, November 4 at 1:00 p.m. as they prepare to end the season. The last chance is coming up, support your fellow Cougars as they continue to provide reasons not to mess with Coronado.


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