Women’s soccer: the state championship game

Hug it out// Supporting each other after their loss, Daphne Egelhoff, #23, and Kerrigyn Lynam, #5, hug to express their sadness. The game took place on November 12 at 10 am against Faith Lutheran on Coronado’s home field- ending in a 0-1 loss in overtime for the Cougars. (Photo by Jordyn Tribus)

by Jordyn Tribus

Riding on their high of winning the semifinals game, Coronado went into the championship game feeling powerful and motivated. This is not a new position for Coronado; they have seen the championship game for a number of times now and are ready to win the second title of state champions. This will be their third time in four years playing Faith Lutheran in the finals. 

“It felt like the whole season had led up to that moment,” junior Lily Schuth( #3) said. “I had trust in my teammates and knew that no matter what we had each other’s backs.”

The first half whistle sounded and the two teams were off to the races to score. Faith Lutheran had their first attempt at putting a point on the board, but the Coronado goalkeeper, Megan Kingman (#0) intimidated the forward into blasting the ball over the goal. The cougars took this as a wake up call and began to dominate the first half with their touches and their passes. They were outworking the Crusaders in the first half, having them run in circles around them. Yet Coronado could not score, although they came close. One of Coronado’s attacks almost resulted in a goal. Senior Trinity Buchanan (#18) hit a shot from the eighteen, and to their luck, it hit the post and the Crusader’s goalie saved it. The half ended with a 0-0 tie. 

“It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get the results we wanted, but I feel like in the end we won,” senior Trinity Buchanan (#18) said. “As a team we uplifted each other, we worked together, and supported one another on and off the field.”

The final half of Coronado’s last game finally commenced. At the kickoff, Coronado and Faith came out ready to play. The tables shifted and Faith had the Cougars on their heels. Both teams were aggressive and longing to score. There were chances on both sides of the ball, making it the most exciting game of the season. An intense, passionate game led Coronado and Faith to advance into overtime in order to solidify the game winner. Coronado started with the ball and they were right back at it; passing, trapping, shooting. It wasn’t until the sixth minute in overtime that the Faith Lutheran Crusaders scored the game winning point. There was a mishap in Coronado’s defense which led to a turnover to Faith’s forward. A touch was taken and a shot was cracked, landing in the perfect spot right above the Cougars keeper. That was the end of the game; Coronado lost 0-1 in overtime against Faith Lutheran. 

“In the end, we really came together and have grown so much,” Buchanan said. “I am so proud of my team and I am so grateful to have been a part of a great group of girls.”

The Cougars finished with incredible stats for the 2022 season: 23 wins, 2 loses, and 1 tie. Till next year, Coronado soccer signing out.