Turkey Day: forgotten with a side of gravy


By Sara Seibel

Illustration by Faith Evans
Illustration by Faith Evans

It’s halfway through November, but something doesn’t seem right. Christmas trees are already up and ready, and everyone’s in the holiday spirit. Doesn’t it seem a little rushed? Admit it, holidays are passing by at the speed of light.

Apparently nobody appreciates the two century long celebrated occasion occurring on the fourth Thursday of November. Here’s a hint: it is made up of the words “thanks” and “giving.” In case no one got that, it is called Thanksgiving. Don’t feel badly, hardly anyone knows what day it is on.

Those glittering Christmas decorations are up, and Turkey Day is going unnoticed. People should be thinking about Thanksgiving plans and how much turkey will be needed for a family dinner rather than all the presents they want under the tree and drooling over a Starbucks seasonal peppermint mocha latte.

From snowflake plastered websites to enormous billboards at the front of every store, the time for Christmas has never seemed earlier.

Department stores such as Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s are displaying obnoxious plastic gifts for the little ones and promoting holiday sale items as well. Target really honored Thanksgiving with the minute display of candles and ceramic turkeys shelved next to 40 rows of Christmas arrangements. How is one supposed to consider all the “givings” next to all the “wants?”

Granted there are those holiday traditions sure to get everyone pumped for the new season, but when the holiday music starts playing in October, there are only so many times a person can hear about Rudolph’s bright nose without wanting to finally dim it. Neighbors are just taking down the spider web and skeleton decorations outside their homes and trying to finish up the last bit of candy left in their baskets. Frosty the Snowman can wait a few more weeks crammed in the back of the garage.

Instead of rushing towards the new year, relax and enjoy the absence of Vegas heat. Winter is not all about Christmas- themed- everything. Thanksgiving is just out of reach. Christmas, not so much. It is nearly a month away, not nearly as close as the time for giving thanks. Besides, worrying about what to buy for family and friends is stressful.

So rather than sporting a Santa hat or eyeing that new pair of shoes far too early this holiday season, bring in the cranberry sauce and warm up the turkey for dinner.