Last week in sports


Varsity Football

The Beginning of the End// Posing for a group photo, the varsity football team celebrates the big achievement of advancing to the next stage of playoffs. Catch them at their next game at Silverado on Friday, Nov. 12.

By Aubree Gearhart

The Coronado Cougars varsity football team took on the Basic Wolves for the first round of the NIAA playoffs. With both teams ready to play their hearts out, the Cougars were prepared for this highly anticipated game. 

The Cougars won the coin toss and the Wolves received the kickoff. With # 3, Chris Avila scoring the first touchdown of the game for the cougars with 30 seconds on the clock this puts the cougars up by 6, and #46, James Frasure kicks the field goal and gains the Cougars an extra point putting the final score of the 1st quarter 7 Coronado 0 Basic.

“I’m proud of my team and how much they’ve grown,” said senior #46 James Frasure. “I will gladly get them out of every tough situation they put themselves in.” 

No points were scored for either team in the second quarter. Cougars gain 3 with #46, James Frasure making a field goal, bringing the score to 10 Coronado 0 Basic. There was one injury timeout on the field for the cougars #90 Bryce Echols. The final score of the third quarter was 10 Coronado 0 Basic. In quarter four Coronado attempts a field goal and the snap made by # 52, Erik Hurley, is good and gains the Cougars 3 making the final score 13 Coronado 0 Basic. 

“It feels super special being in the playoffs with this team, seeing how far we have come and how much we have accomplished is just a sight I loved to see and be a part of,” said senior #3 Chris Avila. “Winning the second round of playoffs was a great feeling, especially having this team have a huge opportunity to win state this year. I am super happy with what our team did in the game, although our offense struggled, it’s nothing we can’t fix but I am super glad about how our defense has grown and came together.”

The Coronado Cougars will proceed into the next round of the NIAA playoffs. Catch them on the Silverado field at 6:00 pm for the next round of the NIAA playoffs. 

Women’s Soccer

By Addy Stanton

On Thursday, November 4th, the Coronado Women’s Varsity Soccer team took on the Arbor View Aggies in what was said to be a very close and good game for the regional semifinal. At 6:00 o’clock on a fine Thursday night, the game began. 

Possessing the ball, per usual, the Cougars slowly started to gain momentum against the Aggies. This was the only team the Cougars fell to in the regular season. However, a nice run made by the Cougars led them to have a nice early lead with a goal by midfielder, Milan Cordon. Some more attempts were made on goal, by the Cougars, but they could not manage to get any in the net. The Aggies got the ball and started to move closer to the Cougar’s goal. A quick shot from an Aggies forward made the score tied at 1-1. Not backing down, the Cougar’s don’t let the Aggies glory settle and a quick goal was scored putting the Cougars back on top to 2-1. After the Cougar’s goal, the rest of the first half went scoreless.

“It felt great,” Milan Cordon, 11, explains the feeling of scoring the game opener, “It was the first goal of the game so it really broke the tension between the two teams. It was an immediate pressure reliever and motivated us to go out and get some more goals.”

After half time was over, the Cougar’s got out on the field ready to scrap for more goals. Eventually, a sprint with the ball from the half field by junior Xayla Black was finished with a left-footed shot that was just squeezed by the goalkeeper. This made the score 3-1. Later on, in the half, another offensive push made by the Cougars led them to another beautiful goal setting the score in stone at 4-1. 

Men’s Soccer

By Oliver Van Aken

On Monday, Nov. 1, Coronado Varsity Men’s Soccer played Bishop Gorman High School at Betty Wilson Park. Starting at 4:00 p.m. the game consisted of Vince Ayala scoring two goals for Coronado; whereas, Bishop Gorman only managed to score one, ending the game with a Coronado victory. The following game, on Wednesday, Nov. 3, Men’s Soccer rivaled Las Vegas High School also at Betty Wilson Park. This game was more neck-and-neck, compared to their defeat over Bishop Gorman earlier in the week; however, Chase Ciobanu still managed to score two goals, with assists from both Collin Anderson and Wolfgang Alvaredo. Although, Las Vegas ended up scoring the two goals as well, resulting in a tied game between the two.

“We’ve been working hard this entire season and I’d like to contribute my success and goal to our conjoined practice,” senior Vicente Ayala said.

For their final game last week, Coronado played Palo Verde on Saturday, Nov. 6, at Betty Wilson Park once again. Starting at noon, this game would see the most action Men’s Soccer had seen yet. Returning scorer, Chase Chiobanu, was able to score two goals once again, as he previously did against Las Vegas High School; however, Palo Verde doubled him by scoring four. The game ultimately ended in a Coronado defeat against Palo Verde. Although, hopefully, the Cougars come back stronger for their next game on Friday, Nov. 12, against Hug High School.