Women’s soccer wins state


By James Williams

We are the Champions//The Cougars women’s varsity soccer team celebrating their state championship. The Cougars defeated the Crusaders 1-0. (Photo courtesy of Xayla Black).

The Coronado Cougars played in their division state championship on Saturday, Nov. 13. They played their toughest opponent this season in this game against the Faith Lutheran Crusaders. It was a tight battle between the two teams and there was only one combined goal between them the entire game. All it took was the one goal for the Cougars to win the state championship game and they went on to defeat the Crusaders 1-0.

“I love this team so much,” junior Xayla Black said. “I think what made this season special was experimenting with different players and positions.”

The Cougars were able to win their toughest game of the season because of the team chemistry they have. They set their limits high because they knew that they were the best team in the state and it paid off. The Cougars had to battle through some tough times including 1 loss and 2 ties, but this season was truly special to them, and they achieved the ultimate goal.

“We were able to win because we have such strong team chemistry,” senior Molly Russell said. “We are all so close and we also worked so hard all season that we knew that we were the best team”.

The Cougars had won previous games in blowout fashion, but this game was like no other. Neither the Cougars nor the Crusaders could score a goal in the first half. In a turn of events, senior Alexis Pashales scored the first goal for the Cougars in the second half. This goal meant so much to the team as this was the goal that sealed the game for the Cougars. They went on to win the game over the Crusaders 1-0.

“A lot of the girls really stepped up and I’m really proud of them,” junior Xayla Black said. “I also love our captains for leading the team and always uplifting us and being positive.”

This state championship meant so much to the team, especially all of the seniors. For the seniors, to end their high school soccer career with a bang is really special. Congratulations to everybody on the women’s soccer team and next season can’t come soon enough.