Why senior year is the best year


By Lorin Alukonis

Senior Season // Seniors at Coronado wear red in spirit of the first home football game of the season. The match was on September 10 and the Cougars unfortunately fell to the Green Valley Gators 14-35. (Photo by Yearbook Staff)

The typical saying is that the senior year of high school is the best– well whoever said that is 100% correct. Why wouldn’t it be the best when you can basically do anything you want and follow it with the excuse, “I’m a senior”. Seniors have control of the high school, and all other students must respect them no matter what since they are their superiors and simply better.

First off, seniors have absolute control over the major football games. We are the ones who dress in the theme of the game and bring essentials such as body paint and markers to really show our school spirit. Why be boring and sit down when you can get excited and scream at the other team. There’s a reason why we chant “Sit down freshman,” you simply are not on the same level as us. While us glorious seniors go out with a bang by making the best memories possible, you younger kids can sit and go on your phone. 

Another reason why we are the superior class is that we get special events just for us. For example, at the beginning of the year, we have Senior Sunrise, which is when the senior class goes to the football field before school to watch the sunrise. Students get Burger King crowns and customize them as they please to fit their personalities, making each and every one of them unique. This event is also very well known due to the fact that almost all students take Instagram pictures and post them with their crowns on. At the end of the day, us seniors look amazing and get looks in the hallways because of our beautiful crowns. We basically get attention all day, and who doesn’t love attention?

There is also the fact that the majority of seniors are turning 18 and becoming young adults. We earn a sense of being independent and transitioning into the phase of our lives where we can become who we want to be. In high school, you morph yourself so you can fit in with others. You shape yourself so you like the “cool” music, wear the “cool” clothes, and have the “cool” kids as friends. No one wants to pretend to be someone they aren’t, so becoming an adult finally gives you the chance to move on from petty ingroup characteristics and finally become who you really are. And who could care what others think of you because, at the end of the day, they are just a bunch of kids who won’t matter in a few months. With turning 18 comes a lot of responsibility. You have your life in order and choose where you want to go to school, who you’re friends with, and how you want to set up your future and pursue it. Being 18 honestly gives you freedom and more happiness since you follow yourself and no one else, you know what’s best and you follow it.

Lastly, the most significant benefit to being a senior is having a shorter schedule and being able to go home early. Since most students have fulfilled their elective and science credits by senior year, they are no longer needed, so opting out can be an option. Of course, this is only plausible if you’re a good little kid and have all your credits done for your diploma. Being able to go home is such a privilege after a long day because, let’s be honest, no one really wants to spend six full hours in a building learning material. Leaving early is a stress reliever. Let’s say you are having a bad day, you only need to be in the building for four hours and then you can simply go home by the time of first lunch. However, if you choose to stay you can go to the library and get ahead of homework and not worry about it later that night. Overall, you can have everything more in order instead of worrying about difficult classes that only bring stress and anxiety.

Being in the senior class automatically makes you better than everyone else. That is just a straight fact and no one can argue. With the simple statement, “I’m older, so I’m better” can immediately shut down an argument because that is the only truth they need to hear. With the final year of adolescence, responsibility becomes an important factor of your life so might as well ride out senior year with a bang.

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Lorin Alukonis, junior, is excited for her first year as the features editor on “The Roar” news staff. She enjoys playing club and high school volleyball in her free time as well as late night drives with her friends. Her favorite types of music to listen to are indie pop and throw-back 2000s songs; she also loves meeting new people and becoming friends with everyone. One of her life goals is to explore Europe and learn about the fascinating history and culture.