Women’s Varsity Softball

Hey Batter Batter// Standing up to bat, senior Jasmyn Lara stares down the Green Valley pitcher as she waits for the throw. Unfortunately, this home game the Cougars were unable to score any runs, resulting in a 0-7 loss against the Gators. (Photo by Jordyn Tribus)

by Jordyn Tribus 

In their second home game of the season, the Coronado Cougars faced the Green Valley Gators. They fought a losing battle, hoping for a comeback, but ended up striking out. The Cougars fought with all their might, yet it wasn’t enough to pull them through with a win. On Tuesday, April 11, the Cougars suffered their third loss of the season with a 0-7 score. 

“I think we didn’t come out with as much aggression as we usually do,” junior Marylou Tsunis said. “Because of this, I believe we were off our game.”

The disconnected team could not seem to get past a rough patch in the first 3 innings. In the third inning, the Cougars were down by 3 runs. While it seemed as though the Cougars could create some energy to get into the game, they were unsuccessful. The energy in the “cage” was very low; the crowd was quiet and the players could not find the spark to persist. 

“This game has definitely helped us for our next game,” Tsunis said. “We can see what we need to work on and change our mistakes, and put that into our next game.”

On Monday, April 17, the Cougars will play their next home game against Basic High School at 3:30pm at the Cage. Come on down to cheer on your fellow Cougars!