Varsity Softball

Batter up// Preparing to hit the ball and hoping to score a home run, Bailey Goldberg stands ready for the approaching softball. Goldberg started the game defending the shortstop, a position between second and third base where many balls end up after being hit. (photo by Madeline Vernaci)

by Madeline Vernaci

On Monday, April 17, Coronado’s softball team competed against Basic High School’s softball team in a home game. The Cougars won with a score of 20-1, giving them an overall record of 7-4 this season.

“To prepare, I usually think of what I want to accomplish in the game to help my team win,” sophomore Alohi Mundon said. “I want to improve by being more supportive to everyone and keeping my head up when I make an error.”

The Cougars started out as strong, if not stronger, than they ever have, scoring 16 runs in the first inning. After Coronado scored 4 more runs in the second inning, neither team allowed the other to increase their score. The mercy rule, which allows for a game to end early if one team is much farther ahead, called for the end of the game in the fourth inning, giving the Cougars their 7th win this season. 

“Our game went pretty well, and I think overall as a team we did very well, especially in hitting,” Mundon said.

Competing next against Faith Lutheran, Coronado’s softball team will continue to push forward against each opponent they face. The next game will take place at home on Thursday, April 20, at 3:30pm. Be sure to support your fellow Cougars!